Expert inventories

Our detailed reports provide you with the best possible listing of all the contents in the property and a fair condition at the start and end of each tenancy. All our Inventories come complete in printed form and are supplied with a backup CD copy which also offers high resolution digital photographs.

  • Inventory Make

    An Inventory Make is a detailed and descriptive list of the contents, fixtures and fittings of a rental property and is provided at the start of a tenancy. Our comprehensive Inventory Makes highlight everything from the colour of the walls through to the sockets and extending to furnishings (if provided). of the walls through to the sockets.

    All InvenHomes reports are provided with digital time stamped photographs to support the written report. We advise the Inventory be carried out by a professional company like Invenhomes Inventory Services who are a third party and independent to each party, this is essential for the report to stand up in the event of any dispute. We highly recommend the Inventory Make to be carried out with our Check-In service.

  • Check In Reports

    The check-in appointment is normally between the Inventory Clerk and Tenant on the day the tenancy is due to commence. The agent or landlord are also informed of the time the appointment will be undertaken. The Inventory clerk will confirm with the in going Tenant that the inventory is correct and also the cleanliness of the property.

    All parties are allowed to set notes and sign off the final draft of the inventory. Copies will be issued to the Tenant, Landlord & Letting Agent.

  • Check Out Reports

    The Inventory Clerk will meet with the Tenant(s) and Landlord if necessary, to check the condition is the same as it was when the tenancy commenced allowing for any fair wear and tear. Any discrepancies, changes in cleanliness and furniture will be noted.

    The Inventory Clerk will determine whether the tenant is liable for any deterioration, missing items or damages or whether it is due to fair wear and tear.

  • Snagging & Condition Reports

    We offer complete snagging lists for new build or refurbished properties to highlight any defective points in regards to the final finish of the property, due to our excellent eye for detail this service is perfect for any landlords who have brought a newly built property.

  • Digital Photos

    Our high resolutions photos provide excellent coverage of any major problem areas within the property. We also take additional photos of each room with no additional charges. All our inspections and accompanied by digital time stamped photographs of the property.

  • Interim Inspections

    Our Interim Inspections are carried out during the tenancy and looks at the condition of the property and highlights any notable issues there may be. This is perfect for Landlords or Managing Agents to identify if any of the property requires maintenance, repair or restoration and to ascertain if the property requires decoration.

  • Energy Performance Certificate

    The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) gives home owners, tenants and buyers information on the energy efficiency of their property. It gives the building a standard energy and carbon emission efficiency grade from ‘A’ to ‘G’, where ‘A’ is the most efficient and with the average to date being D.

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